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Blog » WhatsApp’s Upcoming Verified Channel Badge Feature: A Peek into the Future of Business Verification

WhatsApp’s Upcoming Verified Channel Badge Feature: A Peek into the Future of Business Verification

In the realm of WhatsApp, a significant development is on the horizon – the potential introduction of a verified channel badge feature for businesses. Recent observations within the code of the latest beta version of the app suggest a notable shift in how verification marks are presented, signaling a transition from the familiar green badges to the universally recognized blue check marks, akin to those found on Instagram and Facebook.

The spotlight is on the WhatsApp beta for Android update, gradually rolling out to users enrolled as beta testers for Android. This particular feature, still in the developmental phase, sets it apart from other ongoing tests, with expectations of being first released to beta testers before making its way to the stable channel for all users.

The primary target audience for this feature seems to be WhatsApp Business users. Once implemented, businesses will have the opportunity to proudly display a verified badge on a newly created channel dedicated to their enterprise. This aligns with WhatsApp’s previous announcement that businesses would be able to subscribe to the Meta Verified feature, thereby earning a coveted verified tick mark on their profiles.

Adding the verified badge to a channel will promptly replace its existing name and profile picture, adopting the verified business details seamlessly. However, any changes to the channel’s photo will need to be made within the confines of its business profile.

However, it’s essential to underscore that the privilege of showcasing a verified check mark comes with a prerequisite – businesses must possess a Meta Verified subscription. This feature is explicitly reserved for business entities. Individual users, along with non-business accounts, will not have the capability to affix a verified tick mark to their channels.

As WhatsApp continues to evolve, the introduction of a verified channel badge feature reflects the platform’s commitment to enhancing the user experience, particularly for businesses. The impending rollout to beta testers and eventual availability to all users herald a new era in business verification on the popular messaging app. Stay tuned for further updates as WhatsApp shapes the future of digital communication.

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