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How to buy second hand mobiles carefully?

The rapid upgradation of mobile features increased our dependency on mobile. Everything is done on mobile, from messaging to banking, from gaming to investing. Hence, an upgraded mobile is not a luxury anymore. It is the necessity of our digitised life. And thus, mobile has become a big investment. The more features, the more the price is.

But if you intend to spend less on high-end cell phones, you can buy old mobile phones. And the fact is that buying a second hand phone is much more economical than buying a new one.

Many smartphone savvy even argue that the joy of buying a used mobile is as same as buying a new one. But when you decide to buy second hand mobiles, ensure that you are up for a good deal, that is, you are going to value your money.

Things to check while buying a second hand mobile -

Stay away from stolen phones

When you decide to buy used mobile phones, strictly say "no" to the stolen phone to avoid getting into trouble while spending your money on a device that has been reported as lost or stolen or buying a secondhand phone that may have been misused? In the past or for the export of illegal business?

Therefore, proof of purchase is important to check when buying second hand mobile phones. Ask the seller for the original receipt to verify that they are the rightful owner of the device. This prevents you from buying a stolen device, which can have serious consequences.

Check the release date

When you buy old mobile phones, that means you want to upgrade to the latest version. Therefore, you need to check the release date of your device to avoid buying an old or obsolete device.

The release date matters if you want a phone that the manufacturer still supports. Android devices are not supported long after their release date compared to iPhones.

Check the mechanism of the phone

Now that you know the release date and are sure that the phone is not stolen let's check the phone's physical well-being. Look out for scratches and dents on every part of the phone. Check the scratches on the camera. Test the microphone, speakers, and screen to ensure everything is alright. Most importantly, when you buy used mobiles, check the charging ports and their battery to check whether the mobile phone is exposed to water.


The price of used mobile phones is the device's price. Check the phone's condition, negotiate wisely and get the best price possible.

Reliability of the online/offline store

Whenever you buy second hand mobiles, don't miss to check the reliability of the store, whether online or offline. It is mandatory to buy used mobiles from a reputable store.

Buying an old mobile phone may be stressful if you check the above mentioned factors or choose the right store.

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