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What should you do while deciding to sell your old mobile phone?

The technology is updated quickly. To cope with the technological updates, mobile phone companies have also upgraded the features of the mobile phone, resulting in any phone older than 1 year becoming an old model. That's why people change mobile phones so often.

But as more and more people adopt new cell phones, the question arises: "What to do with the old model?" The answer is simple. Sell your old mobile phone.

A new market has emerged for the recycling and resale of large enough old cell phones. But before you sell your old mobile, read this carefully. Mobile phones are not only calling devices anymore. It becomes a mini laptop that you can carry anywhere and everywhere.

We store almost all our personal data, from photos to bank documents, in it. So make sure you keep the following checklist when deciding to sell an old mobile phone online or offline.

Backup your data

The initial and most important step to take when deciding to sell second-hand mobile phones is to back up all your data. Backup all your contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, documents, notes, songs, audio recordings, game progress, and WhatsApp chats. Google is very supportive of this process. Coordinate your Gmail account to save your contacts by going to https://contacts.google.com/. You can back up photos via Google Photo.

Delete all accounts associated with the device

If you're going to sell second-hand mobile, all of your subtle data must be backed up and removed. Leaving personal information on your old phone could make you exposed to hackers. Sensitive account information, contact information, financial information, and more are at risk when you hand over your cell phone without removing it. Removing data from your phone is the only way to ensure your security.

Remove the microSD card and SIM card

The phone has a removable memory card slot, which holds an SD or micro SD card; remove it and keep it. You don't have to give it when you are going to sell your old mobile phone. The Subscriber Identity Module card stores information about you and your cell phone, including phone numbers and text messages, billing information, and data usage.

Perform a factory data reset

You must reset your mobile phone to factory settings before you are going to sell your old mobile. This will remove all your personal data from the device and leave it looking brand new.

Factory reset will erase your data from your phone. While the data stored in your Google account can be recovered, all apps and their data will be deleted. To be able to restore your data, make sure it's in your Google Account.

Chose Reliable online/offline store

Selling your mobile phone online is simple and hassle-free. You can give away your phone for cash from the comfort of your couch. But you have to be smart about where you sell second-hand mobiles. A reliable store is very important when selling your old phone. Check the reliability of the store, then only sell your phone.

If you choose Minto, you can sell your old mobile phone without hassle.

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